Senior Advisor


Prior to joining Rationale, Jimmy spent over a decade working as a communications and engagement specialist in both the private and public sector.

Working within central and local government organisations, Jimmy is well versed in the importance of simplifying technical information into language everyone can understand.

A highly skilled writer and programme leader, Jimmy works with Rationale’s clients to manage large and complex pieces of work. He ensures evidence gathering, analysis, engagement and reporting are integrated to develop high quality end products.

The ability to tell the story of high profile and complex projects, as well as significant experience dealing with local, national and international media, means Jimmy can think on his feet and look at how a project will be viewed by a range of audiences.

Experience in crisis management has seen Jimmy on the ground in some of New Zealand’s most high-profile disasters acting as communications lead, community information manager and political liaison.

At Rationale, Jimmy works with clients to plan and carry out community and stakeholder engagement, shape business cases, manage complex programmes and facilitate workshops. He also provides quality assurance for key Rationale deliverables ensuring they can be understood by the audience they were intended for.

He also takes a lead role in planning Rationale’s adventures outside of the office, a responsibility which he takes very seriously.


Born and raised in Wellington, Jimmy now lives in Arrowtown with his wife (Nicky) two boys (Joe and Finn) cat (Steve) and dog (Doris).

A keen hunter, tramper, and fly fisherman, Jimmy is at home in the outdoors and spends a lot of his free time in the backcountry.

In winter he tends to trade his tramping boots for those better designed to fit into touring skis or snowboard bindings (or occasionally crampons).

A self-diagnosed running nerd, he’s completed a number of marathons and ultramarathons. Most recently he ran the 85km Old Ghost Ultra on the West Coast. In September 2015 he boxed in Queenstown’s Thriller in the Chiller charity event, raising over $1000 for charity.

Jimmy is a strong believer in embracing things that are difficult and doing things outside his comfort zone. He’s also been known to enjoy a beer on occasion.

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