Managing Director


Prior to founding Rationale in 1999, Edward worked in both the public and private infrastructure sectors. During the 25+ years of professional experience Edward’s role has developed and undergone a series of notable transformations, however delivering exceptional decision-making advice has remained a constant theme.

In the earlier parts of Edward’s career, core infrastructure planning, funding and decision making were his primary focus. In more recent years these horizons have broadened, and decision making has evolved into other areas including resource management, community, corporate, place making, housing, organisational change, climate change, spatial planning and masterplanning to name but a few.

Integrated investment management and business case development is where his years of acquired knowledge and skills come together – to provide precise solutions for highly complex problems. Edward has mastery of the tools and analysis that guide the decision-making process. He is constantly innovating to ensure these tools are at the forefront of the industry and that they continue to be efficient, highly effective and fit for purpose.

Edward is engaging in nature, his powerful facilitation skills and people-focused approach to problem solving ensure his audience are invested in the process. This hands-on approach to engagement involves helping stakeholders to navigate a project, while using feedback and analysis as critical pieces of evidence in the decision-making process.

Edward knows that there are many more challenges than ever before being faced by decision makers in today’s complex world. Being able to successfully navigate these challenges and to clearly identify a unified way forward is his specialty. The Rationale team and Edward are driven by achieving results, including the delivery of considered projects that can easily be undertaken and invested in.

Edward takes a hands-on approach to Rationale’s nationwide offering to clients, as a consequence he spends little time in one place. He is based between Wellington, Dunedin and the Whakatipu.



Although originally from Taranaki, Edward has spent most of his life living in the Whakatipu Basin. As his children (Chali, Sophie and Phoebe) become increasingly independent, Edward and wife Lisa are spending more time between the three key Rationale locations of Wellington, Dunedin and Arrowtown.

This works well and enables a wide exploration of both work and non-work activities, ensuring there is no room for boredom. Just like his wide-reaching work applications, Edward enjoys a vast array of family, adventure, social and educational activities. 

Edward is a strong believer that nothing is too hard. This plays out in all parts of his life.

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