Senior Manager


A diverse career spanning strategic advisory and operational roles has provided David with a unique skillset. He has an ability to bring people together to gain clarity on strategic priorities, guide front-end planning, and develop delivery programs to operationalise these strategic objectives. He has diverse exposure across private and government organisations, in the infrastructure, energy, agriculture and resources sectors.  

David started his career out as an Environmental Consultant, ensuring projects were developed in an environmentally responsible manner. Then he spent time as a Social Performance Consultant, optimising social value from projects, particularly through embedding Indigenous participation and social procurement outcomes. Then, as Operations Manager with a boutique agri-business advisory organisation, he worked with agribusinesses across Australia to enhance their business performance. And prior to joining Rationale in early 2023, David was the Project Director and part of the Executive Management Team on a major Queensland Government rail transport infrastructure programme, taking the programme through strategy and early design phases, into major procurement and construction delivery phases.   

Equally comfortable in strategic planning and operational environments, David is an experienced leader who seeks to get the most from one of our most valuable assets – our people.  He’s also a self described token Aussie at Rationale.  


David and his family moved over from Australia in late 2022, trading the beaches of Queensland for the lakes and mountains of the Queenstown Lakes region.  

He loves getting out into the bush, whether it’s mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing, tramping, or camping. He prides himself on being about to start a fire without matches, and considers sitting by a campfire his ‘happy place’. 

David can also be found in his veggie patch, growing as much produce as his family and friends can handle (and then some), albeit battling the unpredictable alpine environment above Arrowtown to grow warm climate veggies.  

His personal motto is “the enemy of a great life is a good life”, so he keeps striving to make the most of every day!  

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