Senior Advisor


Chris joined Rationale after a number of years in research and advisory roles.

His experience is primarily in transport and urban planning, but he has also worked across a range of infrastructure, including three waters and telecommunications, and research areas including natural hazard risk and resilience and public health.

Chris is passionate for exploring the levers we have for unlocking the potential of our towns and cities to meet the needs and aspirations of our communities. Central to this is understanding how we can best evaluate the interactions of transport, land-use, and housing to ensure good decision making.

At Rationale Chris has applied his broad research experience and analytical capability to business cases across a range of sectors. Through his strong statistical and spatial analysis capability he ensures governance and investment are well-informed through evidence and insights.

An experienced project manager, Chris leads Rationale’s multi-disciplinary teams and works with our clients for successful delivery of bespoke (and often complex) pieces of work.

Chris enjoys getting into the nitty gritty to solve complex problems and challenging questions. It’s not all numbers and formulas though, he is a skilled writer and presenter, taking technical content and clearly communicating it to a range of audiences.


Chris and his wife Claire moved to Wanaka in 2019 after spending the previous six years working in Wellington. Originally from Invercargill, Chris is enjoying being back down south and he and Claire, along with son Jack and George the Labrador, have recently built their first home at beautiful Lake Hawea.

Spending more time in the outdoors was a big driver of his move south, and since joining Rationale he has come to enjoy the not so optional nature of high energy outdoor activities with the team. The lack of spearfishing in Lake Wanaka being his only complaint. A man of culture, Chris and Claire are often planning their next trip to somewhere with good food and good wine.

Chris believes it is essential to stretch and challenge yourself on a consistent basis, continue to ask yourself challenging questions and don’t wait for someone else to challenge you.

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