Senior Manager Wellington


Antoinette joined Rationale at the end of 2022 after spending over 20 years in local government in the Hawke’s Bay. Antoinette started her career as an environmental policy planner, moving into the community development space and then onto the executive teams at both Hastings and Napier councils.

In her last role Antoinette led a large and varied portfolio of community, arts and cultural services, sport and recreation, and business and tourism facilities. She oversaw a variety of typical, and not so typical council functions, from pools, libraries, stadiums and museums, to kiwi breeding facilities, holiday resorts and national aquariums. She was responsible for community infrastructure strategy and social and cultural policy development. She also led the consultation and engagement with communities to ensure the organisation delivered in their best interests.

Antoinette has led large capital works programmes which included Napier’s award-winning Marine Parade redevelopments, the National Aquarium of New Zealand Detailed Business Case, and an all-abilities (also award winning) destination playground. It is such projects that make a positive difference to cities and the people that live there that Antoinette really enjoys.


Antoinette grew up just out of Hastings, where she has spent most of her life with the exception of studying biological sciences on the Great Barrier Reef and travelling around Australia.

Antoinette has always had a strong environmental ethic and spent a number of summers catching, tagging and releasing kiwi around Lake Waikaremoana. Her attempts to instil an environmental ethic into her four lads have been somewhat thwarted by the arrival of Uber Eats where she despairs over the amount of packaging making its way to the wheelie bin each week!

Antoinette has raised four boys who are now working in various trades around New Zealand. Now that the mum duties are for the most part behind her, Antoinette is dusting off her sewing machine in an effort to recycle and create a more sustainable wardrobe.

She currently spends her time training a naughty, but very adorable and clever labradoodle pup, Teddy. Her and Teddy are keen to explore all the dog-friendly trails around the Wellington region having nailed them all in Hawke’s Bay.

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