What we do

 ‘So what do you do at work?’

It’s a question we often get asked, and it can be quite challenging to answer in a couple of sentences.

The work we do is, by its very nature, quite complex and can be fairly hard to understand if you’re not involved. There aren’t many guidebooks or manuals for the challenges we help our clients face, and often it involves a lot of thinking, optioneering, and testing at our end.

We are recognised as trusted advisors, helping our communities and clients to navigate through complex and dynamic investment management situations.

We offer a continuum of services – from early evidence gathering and direction setting right through to the delivery of key strategic and statutory documents. All stages in the continuum are about adding more depth and clarity to an investment proposal or strategic objective.

We work differently, collaborating with experts across the investment management spectrum to ensure we can bring the best thinking to bear on any given project.

The process isn’t necessarily linear, and often we may have to take a step backward to go forward, but the goal remains the same – help our clients understand the best way forward to deliver the most benefit for their communities.

Finding a solution for a challenge was the very reason the Rationale Continuum was born. It’s our attempt to get all the services we currently offer on one page. It doesn’t completely answer the ‘what do you do?’ question – but it’s a start.

Check it out here – any questions?